• The Fats of Life0:53
  • 3's A Company1:39
  • Dave0:09
  • The Menendez Boys1:11
  • Depends0:44
  • White Friends2:38
  • alice0:05
  • Secret Asian Man2:49
  • Mr Dead0:53
  • PBH1:26
  • woodshed0:06
  • pie0:03

Award winning theme-song

  • 1:11

Parody Album 12 tracks

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Life Interrupted 

Growing up doing musical theatre, and loving music in general, I've sung lots, I've written some, and parodied plenty.
​This page has some of the hell I hath wrought.

popped culture 

Robbie and I were pleasantly surprised at the response this song has had on the festival circuit. But the joy of winning awards for this song matches the joy in creating it, the show  and of our working together.

A collection of songs for an album that seems to have been
"a work in progress" for decades. This collection of insanity would not have been possible without all of the people who played, sang, recorded and engineered.
Orchestrations/Arrangements: Michael D. Gaylord

​Producer/Engineer: M Hans Liebert

Actor • writer • producer • advocate
AEA • sag-aftra • atas