Written by: Steven Wishnoff
Type: Family Comedy, Comfort-Food TV, Episodic Series
Genre: 30min single-camera
Format: Half-hour
Talent Attachment: Mason Reese, Alison Arngrim,
​Dawn Wells, Erin Murphy, Michael Learned, Robbie Rist
Available materials: TV Pilot Script, TV Show Bible

Actor • writer • producer • advocate
AEA • sag-aftra • atas



Life Interrupted is a modern take on the classic family comedy. It's familiar, it's fresh, It's comfort-food TV.
Former child actor Mason Bell, (Mason Reese) whose career peaked at the age of 10 is turning fifty and nothing in his life is quite the way he expected it would be. He lives in New York's East Village in a rundown studio apartment over the equally run down bar he co-owns with his ex-wife, Ally (Alison Arngrim). Ally left Mason years ago to marry gallery owner Nina Woodworth (Erin Murphy). Adding to the fun is Mason's former mother-in-law, and landlady Annie Hughes (Dawn Wells), Nina's mother Marnie (Michael Learned), Mason's best friend Oliver the globe trotting rocker (Robbie Rist), Mason and Ally's son, Junior (Robbie Allen), a wise-cracking bar maid (Lindsay Heston), a hunky dishwasher (Luis Jose Lopez) and a bar full of colorful friends.

Since it's initial release ​(2/14/17) The show has been honored with 17 Awards over 5 Festivals and was named an official selection and/or semi-finalist in an additional 5 including winning The 2017 The San Pedro International Film Festival as Best Web Series.